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Fellow Finance: Uncertainty in volume recovery - Evli Research

EBIT barely in the red

Fellow Finance reported H1 figures somewhat below our expectations. Revenue amounted to EUR 5.8m (Evli 6.3m), declining 20% y/y, and EBIT to EUR -0.1m (Evli 0.3m). Facilitated loan volumes and commissions income declined around 37% y/y respectively, while increases in interest yield income mitigated some of the revenue impact. The uncertainty caused by the coronavirus was clearly visible in loan volumes after March, dropping average volume levels to approx. EUR 9m per month during 4-6/2020 compared with approx. EUR 14.5m during 1-3/2020.

2020 to be a challenging year

Investor’s demand has according to Fellow Finance seen recovery in recent months. The temporary regulation on maximum interest rates on consumer loans in Finland, valid during 1.7-31.12.2020, should have a negligible impact on volumes as Fellow Finance is compensating investors with the difference to the actual interest rate but will result in some additional costs during H2. We currently expect loan volumes to rebound to an EUR 11m per month average level in Q4. Although possible, with the current more challenging environment we do not see Fellow Finance achieving the pre-corona volume levels during 2020. We still expect notable improvements in 2021, assuming an ease in temporary regulations and renewed focus on growth drivers.

HOLD with a target price of EUR 2.5

Our estimates have been slightly lowered post-H1 given the below expectations figures and continued dim outlook for volume recovery. Near-term multiples on our estimates remain unattractive but longer-term growth potential still remains. We retain our HOLD-rating and target price of EUR 2.5.

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