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Intervju med Dr. Jing Liu, vd för BPC Instruments

#femsnabba Dr.Jin Liu,vd för BPC Intruments ,i en kortintervju om nutid, framtid, utmaningar och visioner.

1. Where are you right now and what do the next few years look like?

Overall our year-end figures strongly support that BPC is a very solid and stable company and matches our performance record in the past years in which we have kept that trend. Our annual financial figures show 19,4 % net sales growth which means BPC is not only keeping the solid and stable trend but also demonstrating quite remarkable growth in a most unstable of time. I am looking forward to a continued momentum we have achieved moving forward to further accelerate the development of a new generation of innovative products for both existing and new business segments, as well as expand our globally sales pipeline in 2022 and the coming years.

2. You released your last interim report, can you comment on it a little briefly?

We can see a record-high turnover in 2021 for our flagship products Gas Endeavour® and AMPTS® II. The high interest for these products is clearly shown in our figures for 2021 in which we have received net sales revenue amounting to SEK 26.4 million with a profit before tax of SEK 5.2 million. Even during the most unstable of times, like during the current pandemic, our smart analytical instruments kept being the top choice of companies, universities, research institutes, and service providers all around the world. The sales for fourth quarter are higher than our expectation but lower than the same period in 2020. This is due to unusually high sales in the fourth quarter of 2020 caused by customer purchasing delays linked to Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, this is due to a more even distribution of sales throughout 2021, where in the past fourth quarter sales were disproportionately more than other quarters.

This trend can also be considered beneficial for the company.

3. What are your biggest challenges?

Regarding the share-related risks, there is a risk that the securities market is affected by global economic depression and inflation, regional conflicts, as well as psychological factors which are not directly linked to business performance of BPC Instruments or have a negative impact to all business aspects. In terms of our business activities, an increasing competition with more competitors and followers is expected.

It will continue being the task for BPC Instruments to develop our business based on a foundation built on results and experience by scientists who have created a well-established, high-creditability, IP-protected, and niche product portfolio for global recognition in our business field.

4. Tell us a little about your visions. Where are you going?

BPC Instruments develops and sells automated, analytical instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable and higher quality of research and analysis in a wide range of biotech industries. The result is significant reductions in time consumption and labor requirements for performing analysis, as well as a more efficient use of manpower resources. We are committed to ensuring the highest product quality throughout our portfolio and focus on being service-minded and always meeting the needs for our customers. Our main goal is for our instruments to solve our customer’s working challenges, and we will keep on investing in innovation and providing time-saving and cost-efficient analytical solutions to several biotechnology segments including renewable energy, biodegradability, animal feed and wastewater.

5. What can a shareholder expect from you as a company?

BPC Instruments' business development activities, with a core competence and focus on clean technologies, renewable resources, sustainability, and innovation in biotechnology analysis, perfectly matches with current and future global demand and trends. BPC Instruments' products make a positive difference - for the company's customers as well as for the climate. The company is not only able to keep the trend for being solid and stable, but also to demonstrate quite remarkable growth in the most unstable of times, like during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Investment in BPC Instruments is a good choice for investors who are interested in long-term solid business growth and being cleantech and sustainability minded.

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