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As a Nasdaq listed company, SMART VALOR has a strong following among retail investors

krönika Olga Feldmeier - Co-Founder, SMART VALOR tells us about the low prices in crypto and why she´s not worried

Why I’m not worried about low crypto prices

I’m not worried about the low prices in crypto at the moment. In fact, I think they’re a good thing.

It’s no secret that the crypto markets are entering a period of low prices, known as a bear market. For most investors, bear markets can be tough to handle. But they don’t have to be. It’s time for investors and companies alike to stop fearing low prices and to see them for the opportunity that they are.

Bargain season has begun

We’ve all had a conversation with someone that feels they missed out on the perfect time to buy Bitcoin. Well, there’s good news for anyone that recognises that feeling. Low crypto prices mean you get a second chance to invest at a lower price.

I don’t think we’ve even started to see what kind of price range Bitcoin is truly capable of, but I believe the world’s top cryptocurrency could certainly pass the $100,000 mark. One thing’s for sure: it won’t happen overnight and we can expect a few more ups and downs before we get there. Nevertheless, we should welcome these price changes because more people will have the chance to invest at an affordable price and let crypto into their life.

As a Nasdaq listed company, SMART VALOR has a strong following among retail investors that need a trusted exchange for buying, selling and staking cryptocurrency. Even though the markets are taking a dip, we’re still seeing heavy interest from these investors, many of whom have been through multiple crypto price cycles.

Bear markets are necessary for the industry

It’s easy to feel like bear markets are gloomy periods that we all have to suffer for no reason. But that’s not true. Bear markets are important periods for the industry to reform, recalibrate and grow stronger than ever before.

When cryptocurrency is doing well, everyone in the world knows about it. This is great because people start using crypto in daily life. But there’s also a downside: projects that wouldn’t normally survive, do.

Crypto winters are crucial for the healthy growth of the industry because only passion-driven projects that deliver real value will survive. Without the hysteria of high prices, companies need laser focus to develop innovative products that will stand the test of time. Bull markets are where fortunes are made, but bear markets are where they are built.

Now is the time for leaders to shine

Any crypto company worth its salt is already ahead of the curve and working in preparation for the next cycle. But that’s not enough. We can’t forget that, for many people, this is their first bear market and most are looking for leadership that can help them adapt.

People should choose companies that invest in their customers regardless of the crypto prices. Anyone can introduce people to the world of cryptocurrency when the going is good, but only companies that demonstrate a deep understanding of their users’ needs can continue to grow when things get tough.

Expecting good times to last forever in crypto is a fool’s errand. For the industry to grow we need to abandon the boom or bust mentality and focus on building value long term. Low prices aren’t something to be scared of. They’re a golden opportunity to onboard the next billion crypto investors and make the industry stronger than ever before.







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